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This is luxury fit for a queen. Queen Bey that is. Trident Hotel is one of the best resorts in Jamaica and when Beyonce touched down in Jamaica recently, there was only one choice for her and her sis’ secluded vacation.

The Trident Hotel.

It’s a small spot of lush luxury in Port Antonio Jamaica along the coastline They’ve hosted many international names we’d recognise and many locals who need that luxurious getaway.

The lobby at Trident Hotel

We’ve all seen this infamous shot from the lobby, now let’s take a more in-depth look at the hotel.

It is as breathtaking as you can imagine, plus a little more. Weddings are hosted here where the bridal party stands on plexi-glass in the infinity pool at the end.

What looks like sheep grazing are little statues that have replaced the live peacocks that though were breathtaking themselves, would often be a nuisance to guests at lunch.

Trident Hotel Jamaica

The walk to the villas. They are all one bedrooms with the exception of one which is two, and that one may be connected to another making it three bedrooms if you have a large party.

The rooms are outfitted with walk-in closets, standing showers and bathtubs, some of which are outdoors with views of the ocean! When you can walk into a hotel bathroom and wish this was your bathroom at home, you know they’ve taken care of everything.


One of the outdoor bathtubs. The villas all have their own dip pool that mimic the¬†amazing ocean views. There’s also a cute little cove on property if you’d like to take a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

SUP at Trident Beach
Trident Hotel Jamaica
Trident Hotel Jamaica
Trident Hotel Jamaica

The property is outfitted with a movie theatre, billiards room, several lounge areas, bar and restaurant that offers up live entertainment on the weekends often featuring The Jolly Boys. 

Staying here gives you access to hop on over to the GeeJam Hotel if you’d like a change of scenery or maybe to dine at a different restaurant. The Bush Bar at Geejam is famous for its food and views from high up in the mountains.

Trident Hotel Jamaica

The GeeJam Studio is world class and musicians such as Alicia Keys, Shaggy, Busta Rhymes and Florence have recorded music there.

Trident Hotel Jamaica

Back at Trident, I was a little surprised to learn they were family friendly. There’s also a spa and gym on the property and a helipad if that’s the way you roll. I can’t wait til the castle is renovated and open to the public.

Trident Hotel Jamaica

A view of the Trident Castle away in the distance. It’s said to be undergoing renovation, I can’t wait to see what grandeur will be revealed upon its reopening. Have you ever been to the Trident Hotel? What’s it like? Did it live up to your expectations? Was the food good? The service? Sound off in the comments below.

Trident Hotel Jamaica