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Going to the beach is a regular activity for most people who live in the tropics so we’ve mastered the art of planning and executing a great beach day. If you want to guarantee yourself a good time whenever you hit the sands, scan this list of things to take to the beach to make sure you and your friends have a good time, every time.

This list has items to help you keep your valuables safe, things you should take if you have kids and things to take to increase the fun and comfort factor while at the beach. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something here you never quite thought of but will never ever leave behind when going to the beach again.

Let’s pack your beach bag properly when heading out so that the beach becomes a favorite spot for you too!

Things to Take to the Beach for Comfort

Let’s start with those things that will up the comfort levels at the beach. Because I live in the tropics and a beach is always close by, I actually drive around with a foldable chair in my car’s trunk so that I can pull up and enjoy the sand at any time. Random beach stops are the best so I stay prepared. Not all beach chairs are made equally however. Let’s look at the best portable beach chair to have.

Comfortable Beach Chairs

beach chairbeach chair 1beach lounge chair
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I like a low profile beach chair with multiple position settings so I can lean all the way back or even lay flat if I’d like to. You want something that will not sink in the sand, is lightweight and foldable so you can carry it easily and with a few accessories to hold your drinks, phone or snacks.

If you spring for the last chair which extends into a lounge, you’ll definitely want to get this accessory with multiple slots for all your knickknacks.

Beach Umbrella

If you’re heading to a beach that has little shade, you may want to block some of those harmful rays from beating down on your skin for long periods.

The problem with most beach umbrellas is the difficulty in anchoring it in the sand. This beach umbrella clamps to your beach chair making it a breeze! I’d just make sure that your beach chair always has some weight on it or clamp it onto your igloo so that it doesn’t take off flying when you’re not sitting in your chair.

If you want even more sun protection, this super lightweight beach tent might be just the thing. It rolls up quite small making it the perfect travel companion and it’s so easy to set up and take down. This is great if you have small children who may need a break from sun play for a nap or if you and your friends can set chairs under here and enjoy a picnic under the clouds.

Coolers for the Beach

coleman beach coolersmall coolercooler tabler
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Of course, you’ll need cold drinks to help you cool off at the beach. I never ever head to the beach without a few beers and depending on how many people are coming, I might need a whole lotta ice and a bucket of chicken too! The red 40 quart Coleman cooler has wheels and a handle so you can pull it across the sand. It also has a plughole at the bottom so you can drain it easily without removing all the contents to keep your ice and food from floating around in water.

The grey igloo is a 16-quart cooler, perfect for when I’m by myself or heading out with my munchkin. It holds enough ice, drinks and food for two and is manageable to lift even when loaded.

And the last option is a cooler table that’s convenient for those of us who like to bring a whole bucket of chicken to the beach to feed the masses. It has a large basket mesh in the middle and 4 cup holders around it plus an insulated basket on the lower level that you can fill with ice to keep drinks cold.

Beach Mat or Blanket

A beach mat or beach blanket is another essential item for a comfortable beach experience. I’ve gone through quite a few different types of beach blankets, from hauling around old comforters, to straw blankets that roll up in their own beach bags to now my favourite kind, this large beach mat.

This beach mat rolls up really small in its own carrying case, comes with anchors to help it stay down in the sand, holds 5-6 people comfortably and doesn’t hold on to sand, heat or wetness. It’s perfect for the beach.

This beach mat is smaller and more affordable if you’re on a tight budget. It rolls up into itself and has a handle for you to carry it or sling it over your shoulder.

Games and Entertainment for the Beach

If you’re headed to the beach you’re either in search of relaxation or entertainment with friends. A few of these things will enhance your time at the beach whether you’re there with company or all by your lonesome.

Bluetooth Speaker and Powerbank

Who doesn’t love to listen to music at the beach?! This rugged outdoor Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, loud and even comes with a power bank built-in so you can charge your phone with it if needed! I love a multi-function device.

Bottle Bash Game


Take your average Frisbee game up a notch and try to knock a bottle off the pole in Bottle Bash. This is a competitive game when played between two teams or a great way to get some activity in while alone at the beach.


Another popular beach and backyard game that will bring hours of fun at the beach is Cornhole. Can you get the beanbags through the cornhole?

Bung Hole is another variation.


Spikeball is another great game to take to the beach. Hit the ball on the mesh and try to keep it off the sand. Catch it as it bounces back up at varying angles and spike it back onto the mesh.

Safe and Practical Beach Products

Let’s talk a little about things you should always take to the beach to keep yourself safe, your belongings safe and the environment safe.