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The Rose Hall Great House, which is famous for being haunted by Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall, sits gloriously overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Montego Bay.

It is an amazing property that is a must-see attraction when you’re visiting Jamaica. The story is too interesting not to absorb as it provides thrill, beauty, adventure and the chance to ghost hunt.

The house tour is awesome in the daytime as you get to see the view from the house which is simply amazing but if you’re brave, book the haunted night tour. You may run into Annie Palmer.

They’ve even begun offering weddings on the grounds which I can totally envision! Gorgeous background, rich history, a ghost in the wedding pics… what a story to tell!

The White Witch of Rose Hall Great House
The White Witch of Rose Hall Great House
The view from the great house

Can you imagine getting married in that lower courtyard there with that backdrop on a bright and sunny day like this? Or up on the balcony and the steps with the house as the backdrop? Amazing!

Rose Hall Great House History

The Annie Palmer Great House begins in the ballroom, where your guide will take you through the history of the house, the first owners and Annie Palmer.

Annie Palmer went through three husbands, one of which was John Palmer, the great house plantation master and owner of slaves. 

Annie liked using the slaves to toil her personal soil as well, if you know what I mean. She’d have her fill then kill these lovers off at night, discarding them in the dungeon below the house. 

Or so legend has it. 

Your guide will give you more details of the history and how Annie used slaves as lovers until she killed them off along with her husbands.

Apparently, the slaves are the one who named her the “white witch” since she came over from Haiti which is known for voodoo practice and she treated her lovers with great disdain.

The greatest of Jamaican great houses, the Rose Hall Great House has a story with all the elements of an engaging novel. Built in 1770 by John Palmer and his wife, it eventually became the residence of their grandnephew, John Rose Palmer. In 1820, Palmer married Annie, a beautiful but feisty English girl.

Little did John know that his young wife possessed “black magic” powers that would eventually lead to his demise. During her reign as mistress of the plantation, Annie did away with two more husbands and countless lovers. “The White Witch of Rose Hall” has fascinated generations, and even today, there are those who claim to see Annie passing through the Great House.

Sounds like something out of a movie. The story as told by the guide is thrilling, you must visit to hear it for yourself. I took the above quote from the official website where you can see a few photos of weddings they’ve held there.

Simply gorgeous. I have a few pics I snapped that I have combed with a fine tooth hoping that Annie would appear in my images, but I think she may be finally tired of walking the halls and was at rest that day.

I would go through and give you the history behind each as it was fascinating but hey, go view the tour!

The night time tours are by candlelight…..spooky!!!

There was a sign outside letting us know that a theatrical play depicting the story was now showing so if you’re not the tour-guide type, I’m sure this will be so much more entertaining!

My favourite part of the tour is that they turned the dungeon into a bar so you can go on down to where slaves were once left to bleed out and die to have you a drink or two of witches brew.

Did I ruin it for you? Sorry.

Rose Hall Great House

Look through my pictures carefully and let me know if you spot Annie Palmer. I think I see her in one or two!