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Once upon a time I dreamed of traveling the world, seeing all the sites and never having to do corporate work again. So…I made it happen. Welcome to my single mom travel blog! It took a while but here I am. I decided to take my daughter with me (and my parents too!) on this adventure to give her the kind of head start I wish I had and to open her eyes and her mind to all that this world offers. 

I also wanted this experience to bring us closer together. It’s so easy to lose your kids to technology when we’re caught up in the corporate ladder and all the responsibilities of being an adult. It became my greatest desire to drop all that and just be a mom. A mom who travels. 

I bet you already guessed that I am Jamaican. I started our travels with my home country because #ILiveWhereYouVacation. Enjoy the stories of us exploring our beautiful island together and then come with us as we take you all over the world. (Current location, Mexico!)

Life was meant to be LIVED. Have fun, play more.

Our Travels So Far

The Beautifully Mysterious Blue Lagoon

Somerset Falls, Portland Jamaica

digital nomad family

The Start of Digital Nomading

merida mexico

Why I Chose Living in Merida Mexico

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We Went to Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

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The Top Ten Waterfalls in Jamaica to Explore

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