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This is maybe my third time visiting Konoko Falls Jamaica and yet each time I go it looks a little different. Maybe it’s because every time I go they’ve improved the property to better showcase the beautiful Mahoe Falls.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

This was an impromptu trip so Munchkin and I didn’t tour the entire property but it still was such a beautiful afternoon. Our initial plan was to visit Mystic Mountains since I haven’t been there in years and would love to give you guys an update but when we went it was quite crowded, even during a pandemic.

So we quickly recalibrated and decided to visit Konoko Falls.

Konoko Falls Jamaica

How to Get to Konoko Falls Jamaica

These falls are tucked away in the hills of Ocho Rios. You’ll head into Shaw Park to find these falls. It’s an easy route and signs are planted in plain eyesight all along the way making the short trip from the center of the town very easy.

The entry fee is quite affordable, it only cost me JMD$2500 in total for the Munchkin and I to enter. Of course, you’ll pay a little more if you do not have a Jamaican ID, budget for around US$20 per person.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

The cost to enter Konoko Falls covers access to the waterfalls and the museum on the property. The grounds were once home to the very first inhabitants of Jamaicans who all sadly were killed off when colonialism took over the land.

They were called the Tainos and various artifacts and exhibits about their life can be seen in the Konoko Falls Museum.

What to Do at Konoko Falls Ocho Rios

You can see even more artifacts scattered throughout the property plus an abundance of flora and fauna through a guided tour offered here. When we arrived, we saw the walking tour heading out to catch glimpses of Jamaica’s endemic birds and our vast array of gorgeous flower and medicinal plants.

We opted to simply view the animals that lined the entryway and meander through the museum before heading to check out the falls.

Konoko Falls

Be forewarned that there are steep steps, quite a number of them, to get down to the bottom of the waterfall. It’s nothing you can’t manage but you’ll get winded coming back up if you’ve not been on your fitness game.

It is absolutely worth the trek.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

At the bottom of the waterfall, there is an opening perfect for picnicking and fun family games. There are shaded areas and built-up areas as well so you can have a meal or take a break from the sun.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

There’s also a fairly large natural pool at the bottom of the waterfalls where you can hang out after you’ve made the climb.

The waterfall itself isn’t as grand as Dunn’s River Falls but it is still beautiful and it is climbable, so go ahead and take on the quick challenge. We weren’t dressed for water play so we stayed at the bottom and had a bit of fun with our feet in the water.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

Surrounded by nature’s abundant beauty, it’s hard to feel anything but peace and serenity. I was in awe of my surroundings and pledged to go back soon in proper swimwear so I could do the climb and fully enjoy the attraction.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

Back at the top of the steps, I snapped these pictures and then headed to the open-air restaurant and bar on the property to check out their menu. It was pretty standard fare, burgers, jerk chicken and nothing I really wanted. I was craving fish on the beach so we made our way over to the Ocho Rios Fisherman’s Village to indulge.

Whaler's Seafood Restaurant Ocho Rios Fisherman's Village
Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Konoko Falls Jamaica. It felt like a quick reset in nature whereas a trip to other waterfalls seems like I have to plan for a whole day event. I loved that this respite was right in the middle of town and an affordable offering away from throngs of tourists that flock to the more popular water attractions in St. Ann. I will absolutely be back.

Konoko Falls Ocho Rios Jamaica

Munchkin loved it too and shares my desire to return to check out the museum as well as climb the falls. This is the part of worldschooling I love. She’s learning about the Tainos in school and now she gets to visit places they lived to see the artifacts and learn about their life.

This, after a visit to Green Grotto Caves, made this entire weekend a mix of playful learning. It’s my aim to seek out more of these adventures where we can both learn more about our beautiful island home while enjoying all the natural attractions it has to offer.

Have you been to Konoko Falls Jamaica?