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Have you ever been to Green Grotto Caves Jamaica? It’s been on my list for a while so I finally decided to take my munchkin there and I’m so happy we did!

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

This was really my second attempt at visiting the caves. Earlier this year, I bought a package deal that gave us access to the Green Grotto Caves and the zip-line activity at Dunn’s River Falls.

It was an overcast day and had rained the day before so I knew rain was coming. I opted to do the zip-line before the rains came. When it finally started to drizzle, I decided to squash the day and head back to our hotel so we didn’t actually visit the caves.

We were supposed to go back and finish the package within a certain time window, and well, we know how that goes sometimes. But, we finally went!

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

Where is Green Grotto Caves?

You’ll find the Green Grotto Caves in Runaway Bay, St. Ann. It’s right across from the Ultimate Jerk Centre, a popular rest stop in between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay where you can grab good food and refresh.

It costs US$20 to tour the Green Grotto but only JM$1500 for local adults and JM$1000 for kids. This makes it a very affordable attraction to visit.

Is it worth the trip?

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica


I’ve heard people complaining before that the excursion is boring and there aren’t many things to do at Green Grotto Caves, but we learn about these things in school and I think it’s quite important to see and experience them if we can.

I was so happy to be able to give munchkin this experience as this reinforced so many school lessons in one hour. We’re talking history, geography, science, social studies and so much more. You don’t forget these things you learn about when you go see them for yourself in real life. That’s worldschooling.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

What to Wear to Green Grotto Caves

Let’s talk about my outfit a little bit.

As much as I knew this was an important excursion for us to do, I was HIGH KEY creeped out by the thought of a snake or some creepy crawly brushing my skin or running over my toes.

Uhm, I didn’t want that.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

So on this very hot day in Jamaica, I donned my fave leggings and Sketchers sneaks to go spelunking. I let in some air in a breezy crop top but I did wish I didn’t have all these faux locs on my head when it was time to put on a helmet.

The helmet is in case a bat goes flying or pooping. Ew. Please still go lol.

Experience Green Grotto

We got there a little before 2 pm and waited around for the next tour to start. I took the opportunity to wash in the spacious and airy bathroom facilities and snap these pictures in what looks like an eating area while we waited. It was a bright sunshiny day so please wear your coolest mask! I got hot and sweaty from walking inside the cave and my mask was a sloppy mess at the end.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

When the tour began, we were given lunch-lady hairnets to wear under our helmets, for sanitation purposes (all these extra steps coming out of the big C is something I absolutely do not mind) and briefed on what to expect.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

Then we started the trek. The first stop was through the enormous space that was once a nightclub back in the day. They shut it down for a bunch of reasons, one being all the people who would wander off in the various paths in the cave and get lost. Yikes.

How Big is the Green Grotto Cave?

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

Good question. We walked for almost an hour and I was simply amazed by just how large it was inside. There were a million paths that led to God knows where and in my head I’m just thinking about the slaves that preferred to take their chances in the caves without any light source than living in the circumstances of the day.

That was heavy on my mind, especially when we got down to the lake in the belly of the cave. They say you can swim right out to sea but in the pitch black, I wouldn’t be taking any chances. It was eerie and creepy and I have to tell you that when it was finally time to go back into the light, it came not a moment too soon.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica
Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

The upper cave has lots of light holes letting in natural light and air so don’t fret that it will be too claustrophobic. It’s quite large inside, though we did have to crawl through this one hole at this one point.

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

Back outside, we washed out hands again and snapped more picture on the beautiful grounds. There was a small shop for souvenirs and food items if you wanted to eat but we made our way over to Konoko Falls to finish our day of adventure.

That’s one thing I will say to those who think this excursion might be lacking in excitement. It’s only about an hour or so. Go, and then head to somewhere with more thrills or more scenery after!

Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

It’s in close proximity to all the things to do in Ocho Rios so you’ll be alright.

Have you been to the Green Grotto Caves? And if not, have I convinced you to go?