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If you ask me for my favourite beach in all of Jamaica, I would probably say Frenchman’s Cove Beach in the beautiful parish of Portland. It is just so breathtakingly amazing for so many reasons.

frenchmans cove

Frenchman’s Cove Beach has long been privatized with a very rustic cottage type resort built on the property. The property boasts a river running through it that empties out right there.

It adds to the beauty of this natural attraction as not many beaches come coupled with their own river! This makes parts of the beach so frigid and other parts so nice and warm as you’d expect in a tropical country.

On one occasion visiting this lovely beach, we decided to overnight there.

Frenchman’s Cove Jamaica – The Resort

We got to the property at dusk. I’d never even known that there was a property there, to be honest, so I had no idea what to expect. What we found were lovely rustic cottages. They were quite spacious and comfortable.

Frenchmans Cove Resort

We were given a one-bedroom villa which is set up with bedroom and bathroom on one side and the living area and kitchenette on the other. You have to exit the bedroom to get to the living space.

The living space didn’t have working air-conditioning so outside of keeping our fruits and munchkin’s yogurt in the fridge, we didn’t use that side of the cottage.

Frenchmans Cove Resort

Munchkin was super excited to get there and jumped all around the room. She had energy all saved up from the two-hour drive in from Kingston.

Frenchmans Cove Resort

The rooms are very rustic, as previously mentioned. That’s the best way to describe them They’re obviously quite old and are maintained to simply be clean and habitable. I loved the charm of the brick walls and for sure loved that they were right on the beach.

The bathroom left a lot to be desired, however.

Complimentary breakfast was offered but turned out to be fruit and tea only. You’d have to pay for a full breakfast if required. The property would be very lovely if they renovated it, however we were there for the beach and even though it was an overcast weekend, we weren’t disappointed.

Frenchman's Cove Resort
The Beach at Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica
The Beach at Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica

The combination of the overcast weather plus the river meant that the water was extremely cold. Munchkin was NOT pleased. She’s already not friendly with water that her feet are not firmly planted in, I’m sure the cold didn’t help.

The River at Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica

We enjoyed a day in the sand however and I shot this gorgeous picture of the river. After a day at the beach, we decided to be adventurous and head out to get some dinner.

Port Antonio is an extremely quiet town and we were outside the town so we decided to just hit the first spot we came across. That happened to be Woody’s Burgers!

A kind old lady came out to us and told us that for dinner, rice and peas and chicken etc, we would have had to place an order well in advance but she would whip up some burgers for us.

Munchkin’s pops is not a beef eater and was not too pleased with the idea of a veggie patty but obliged.

Woodys Burgers Portland Jamaica
Woody's Burgers Just Outside Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica

My burger was ok but the veggie patty turned out to be the surprise of the evening as it was some type of calaloo and cheese mix instead of a wretched frozen patty.

The kind old lady told us she made everything from scratch. It was awesome and I was a little jealous. I’m very fond of anything that mixes callaloo and cheese. Her blended fresh fruit punch with a toops of rum was great too.

The following day we headed out to Somerset Falls and sought out somewhere amazing for dinner, and we were not disappointed.

Check out that post and see what an upgrade dinner at the amazing Hotel Mockingbird Hill was like!

Frenchman's Cove Beach and Resort in Portland Jamaica. Arguably the best beach on the north-east coast.
Originally published Aug 16, 2011, this post has since been updated for content.