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This past weekend I decided to take up Robyn on her gracious offer to host me at EITS Cafe. You know them from this post, as I order my greens and veggies from them every week. They are about an hour up into the Blue Mountains, right before you get to Newcastle.

I was excited, to say the very least, to be treated to farm fresh food and drinks. As soon as we sat at the table one of the chefs brought us a curry goat stuffed pastry that he was working on. Something that he made for a previous party that he wanted us to try. I was immediately reminded of my dining experience at Hotel MockingBird Hill and knew I would be in for a lovely evening. I just love it when there’s that very personal feel and both places had a European theme and menu.

The curry goat was extremely spicy, much to my delight! I wish it was something I could have ordered, it was so yummy!   Munchkin was a fan of the many statues throughout the property, commenting that this particular one was hungry. Of course he is, see how he’s holding his tummy?

A view of the farm, where my salad would be coming from. 😀

Blended fruit punch and lemonade. The fruit punch was so yummy, perfect blend of fruits! That teeny cup in the middle is some soup that they brought out for munchkin who had started to comment on the cold. 🙂 I ordered bruschetta for her and got all of this!

Fresh tomatoes, salad greens, fresh basil….mmmm! It was yummy and their dressings were to die for too. Munchkin had a whole piece and some of the salad which she enjoyed dipping into the carrot dressing, ain’t that something? They brought out carrot and sesame ginger dressing and herb buttermilk goddess, both of which they make on site. I would purchase a jar of the buttermilk if it wasn’t…well…mayo and buttermilk. 🙁 Think I can get them to do a greek yogurt version?

This was Pops’ herbed chicken and potatoes. OMG it was so good! Gramps said he wished he could get his roast chicken so moist and flavourful…I echo his sentiments! I love roast chicken, but since I only eat the breast, I haven’t yet mastered my technique of roasting chicken parts.

This was my lasagne topped with lamb sausage. I’ve never had a more flavourful lamb in my life! I’ve never been a big lamb fan and every time I try it I wonder what the hype is about….now I finally know.

As we finished up and the sun began to set we walked around the property a bit admiring artwork for sale and chatting with the owners:

Munchkin and Michael Fox (owner) having a chat. He is every bit of the character you’re currently imagining him to be. Spoke about his travels and his aspirations for the farm and cafe. Meanwhile his daughter Robyn and munchkin were best of friends:

Thank you SO much for your generous hospitality Robyn! The food was amazing! It definitely made me feel like I was in Europe perhaps exploring Bologna food markets. I will definitely be back and I encourage everybody to go and have a relaxing and fantastic dinner one fine evening, you won’t regret it! Email them for reservations at or on a drive out you can always just stop by – open 7 days a week!

Edited to add the menu from the past weekend! Many people have reached out to me asking what the prices are like as they have the impression it may be rather expensive. I’m here to tell you it isn’t! One of the things I appreciate about Food Basket very much are the prices. Where else can you get a huge clamshell of greens for only $300??? The same holds true for their cafe! Here’s a look at what they had last weekend:

My lamb and lasagne was only a grand?!?!?! Hello! Go out and enjoy! Tell ’em Irie sent you 🙂