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Boston Beach Jamaica

Boston Beach is a small beach in Portland Jamaica where surfers flock to catch a wave, albeit a small one. Surfing isn’t big in Jamaica because we don’t usually get those big waves you can ride forever but we still manage to catch the small ones and have a blast.

If you happen to be in Port Antonio, Portland then Boston Beach Jamaica is one of a few spots on the island where the waves get high enough to surf. It’s great for beginners learning to surf as well as the casual surfer who enjoys a leisurely time on the board.

Munchkin and I stopped by close to sunset one evening to check out the surfers here and see what the beach was like since we’ve never been. Boston is famous in Jamaica as being the birthplace of jerk. It’s here that the spicy method of curing and cooking meat was first explored on the island and now jerk is synonymous with Jamaica all around the world.

Boston Beach Jamaica

This beach is also referred to as Boston Bay Beach since the town itself is often called Boston Bay. It’s right on the main road just after you pass the main street food section of Boston Bay with all the jerk shacks dishing up authentic jerk chicken and jerk pork that was born right here in this town.

They also sell jerk sauce and jerk marinades at these jerk shacks so you can take home a bottle of the stuff, knowing it’s the real deal. There’s a jerk shack right inside Boston Bay Beach as well so kill two birds with one stone as we say, enjoying a day at the beach and an authentic jerk lunch while you’re at it.

Boston Beach Jamaica Entrance Fee and Facilities

It will cost you $200 per person Jamaican dollars to get into Boston Beach. That’s less than US$2 each. There are showers and bathroom facilities at the beach and ample parking.

There’s not a lot of seating area here. There are a few rocks down on the beach to sit on and one covered seating area so you’ve gotta get there early or get creative if you want to layout on the beach.

Boston Beach Jamaica

Here’s a quick video of our stop to see the surfers in action and get the lay of the land. It’s not the best beach in Portland by any stretch but great if you want to learn to surf or want to have authentic jerk chicken right on the beach.

Boston Bay Beach

That sunset light is always amazing. My favorite pick for beaches in Portland is Frenchman’s Cove. You can also head to Winnifred Beach for a gorgeous time or head to the Blue Lagoon for some serious emerald greens and the deepest blues! For a little more adventure, climb the falls and jump in the rabbit hole at Reach Falls or head to Somerset Falls and take a boat ride into the caves and under the falls.

What’s your favorite Portland beach?