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Wanna take a leap 25ft through the air down into a refreshingly cool and natural turquoise pool that promises healing powers? You’re in luck if you’re heading to Negril, Jamaica.

There are quite a few attractions called Blue Hole in the warm Caribbean island but this one is the only one I know of that boasts mineral properties.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring is close to the popular tourist destination of Negril Jamaica. It’s in a sleepy little town called Brighton District, about a 30-minute car ride outside of the most western point of the island.

It started out as a very rustic attraction. You could ride up to the property and jump in the hole at your leisure. Now it’s been built up into a full tourist attraction and offers much more to do, making it an ideal contender for a day trip on your Jamaican vacation itinerary.

the climb down into Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Getting to Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Your best bet will either be to rent a car or go on a tour. If you’re at a hotel, they will arrange a tour for you to head to the attraction which will be more costly than if you went yourself, of course, but can be worth it to not have to deal with directions.

If you rent a car, it will be easy to find using Google maps or simply sticking your head out the window and asking for directions. That’s still my favourite way to get around the island because sometimes the directions turn into hilarious stories from the locals.

A third option would be to simply catch a taxi in town. Be sure to take their particulars so you can call to catch a ride back! Our local taxis are usually happy to take you around and are safe for tourists, just be prepared to haggle a bit. Ask around about what fair fares are like. AirBnB hosts are a huge help here.

They also drive like madmen, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Healing Powers of the Water

So, what’s in the water? Minerals. *shrugs*

The Blue Hole is actually a cave about 25 feet below surface and the hole itself is another 30ft deep.

The sides are shallow enough to walk or sit and you’ll feel the silty mud that lines the hole. It’s said that the minerals in the spring will help to heal aches and pains. You’ll find visitors rubbing the mud onto their skin in hopes of clearing away anyway hiding their most beautiful skin.

Here’s what Docta Dan had to say:

There are quite a few mineral springs around the island so if you have any ailments that may be helped by their powers, don’t miss out on your trip! And if you’re local, a visit every 6 months minimum is my prescription for ongoing healing both physically and spiritually…nature is good for the soul.

the pool at Blue Hole Mineral Spring

What to Pack for Blue Hole Negril

You’ll need to pack your swimming gear of course. Water shoes are a must if you’re like me and feel icky with your feet touching wet surfaces all around.

These barefoot varieties are my current faves. Pack your bug repellent as well and a waterproof camera if you have one for incredible images down in the hole.

I use this waterproof iPhone case to capture images with my iPhone 7+ and it’s been great so far. No water has gotten through!

I always have my insulated water bottle with me but that’s optional. I just like to ensure I have fresh, cold water at my disposal at all times.

Bring a change of clothes to hang out in after you’re done swimming around as there’s still so much to see and do!

Bring some cash with you to tip the divers who may provide some entertainment while you’re there or to tip your masseuse if you opt for the add-on service of getting rubbed down by the healing clay from the bottom of the Blue Hole.

Food and drink are also on sale at the property.

What to Expect

I’m so happy that this attraction, though built up and privatized, has remained affordable and accessible to locals and visitors alike.

The owners of the property have built a villa so you can actually stay there for a few nights if you’re so inclined. If not, the cost to enter Blue Hole Mineral Springs Jamaica is only US$10.

Locals will pay JM$600.

This entry fee gives you access to the blue hole attraction and the pool they’ve built on the property. The pool is fed by the same mineral spring so if you’re feeling a little queasy about going down into the hole, try taking a dip in the pool first.

If you’re going with kids or you’re not an avid swimmer, life-jackets are available on the property. They open at 10am and close whenever the place gets empty. This can go til pretty late as some people like to chill out after sunset and have a party at the bar.

At any given time of day, you may see some stunts from the local divers here who love to perform their daredevil dives down into the hole. They’ll dive off tree branches, ropes and the edge of the hole itself down into the turquoise depths below.

The villa is built a little up on the hillside above the pool and has a fantastic view of the valley below. If you know anything about Negril’s world famous sunsets, you’ll definitely want to hang around sipping a cold Red Stripe Beer or a Bob Marley shot while listening to some easy reggae music in the background.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a must-visit attraction when heading to Jamaica. Visit their Facebook page to get in touch and make it a date! All images are from their page.

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