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Negril boasts some of the world’s most amazing sunsets that one can experience being on the west end of Jamaica. These sunsets have the ability to capture your soul as you sit and stare in awe. I crave that experience often as I live for a good sunset so when I saw the cutest tiki boat offering a sunset sail along the famous 7 mile beach in Negril, I had to go.

Tiki Pon Da Sea docked at Booby Cay just off the 7 Mile Beach Negril

I mean, sure you can hop on a mega-yacht, a catamaran or a glass-bottom boat, but a tiki boat? I was sold. This is Instagram goals. Tiki Pon Da Sea is the cutest way to see the entire stretch of the beach while sipping on a Red Stripe beer or some rum punch.

Unfortunately for us, it rained on the day of our excursion so my beautiful sunset was not to be experienced but we still sailed to Booby Cay to enjoy a late lobster lunch.

Booby Cay

Booby Cay is a tiny uninhabited island right off the coast of Negril. There’s an open-air grill area set-up for you to bring your food and supplies and enjoy a self-catered meal. You’ll often find someone there selling drinks and other knickknacks.

We felt adventurous and took off on the trail that led to nowhere while waiting on our lobster lunch. It was short and ended halfway round the island but offered up glimpses of wildlife and gorgeous views of the beach.

Back at the main beach, another large group of friends were setting up to roast fish and jerk some chicken over the grill. They brought boomboxes as well and dancehall and reggae tunes made their way through the air. It was an enjoyable vibe chilling with my people, most of who migrated from here many moons ago.

You can see all the action in the video from our excursion below. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more mommy and me trips to come!

Lobster Lunch Included

Tiki Pon Da Sea offers a few different experiences, early morning coffee ride, or just a sail with drinks for instance. I booked the excursion with fresh lobster tails included and it was delicious.

Grilled over the open flame with garlic butter, pepper and other fresh seasonings, my tummy was happy and my rum punch cup stayed full.

I even eventually got munchkin to try lobster which was has been a firm no all her life. She said it “wasn’t so bad” after all. Tears were shed first but she’s now a convert.

If you can, I definitely recommend splurging for the sail with lunch included as I really enjoyed the time spent on Booby Cay island talking to other locals, exploring the land and swimming around searching for starfish.

Margaritaville Negril

We hopped aboard our unique ride at Margaritaville Negril which is a lively bar on the beach. They offer up standard sports bar type dishes with a Jamaican flair, think jerk chicken and fries mixed in with your usual burgers, wings and oversized cocktails.

The enjoyable part about Margaritaville is that you do not need to pay any type of entry fee to enjoy the beach. Lounge chairs are plentiful, the DJ is loud and an offshore obstacle course offers the adrenaline rush for kids and thrill-seekers.

As busy as it is, there are several locals hawking all kinds of things from boat rides to handmade crafts to herbal smokes if you know what I mean. There’s security present and visible so I felt safe to relax and swim around even in the slightly chaotic atmosphere.

There are a few different beach bars dotting the 7 mile beach so if you’re wanting a different, perhaps more relaxed vibe, you have that opportunity too.

Afternoon Sail

On our way back from Booby Cay, we spotted several starfish in the clear turquoise water below and even two stingrays! This would be a good dive spot as I imagine there’s lots more marine life to enjoy here.

I certainly felt like a celebrity as we made our way down the beach. Everyone took pictures of the tiki as we went by. Several people waved as they sped by as did those aboard a catamaran cruise out further.

I was truly saddened that we missed out on the perfect orange sunsets of Negril but after a while, I decided that the view wasn’t that bad after all.

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Explore the 7 Mile Beach

Our journey was the perfect lazy afternoon adventure. If you need a down day on your holiday and just want to relax on a beautiful beach, this is it.

On the Negril 7 Mile Beach, you can walk the entire stretch, even past the hotels and other exclusive properties. You’ll see the full character of Jamaican people shining through from one end to the next.

From the kids swimming in the sea to the musician strumming away on his ukulele to the hustler trying to sell you smokes to the woman braiding hair or making crafts, it’s all out here to see.

There are several different restaurants and bars dotting the hotel strip where you can try some authentic local eats when hunger strikes. If you feel adventurous, hail a glass-bottom boat and take a ride out to snorkel or book ahead with Tiki for a guaranteed good time.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and I haven’t gone til now because it’s hard rounding up friends to go out on an adventure sometimes. One person is always unavailable.

I was reminded that I have the best company built-in and available to me at all times…myself and my kiddo. This is just the start of many solo adventures to come and is the main theme of Jamaican Dawta. Highlighting adventures to explore solo or with my little one in tow.

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